Frustration over funky bombers

April 28, 2009

I went to Cooper’s Cave Ale Company a couple of weeks ago and was quite pleased with their beer at the brewery tasting. So impressed, in fact, that I picked up a baker’s dozen of their bombers (one of each).

I’ve popped two so far (the ungodly delicious doppelbock and a Sagamore stout), and both have smelled and tasted of wet, moldy cardboard. Undrinkable.

I don’t think this has anything to do with the brewery, but I’m wondering what could have happened. They went from their refrigerated storeroom, to my trunk for a couple hours (it was in the mid-60s that day and the bottles were still quite cool when I got home), to my basement.

Obviously some oxidization occurred, but how? I’m now dreading opening the other 11 bottles. I’m not so much bummed about the cost as I am the loss of what had potential to be a very enjoyable set of craft brewed bombers.


If it wasn’t clear, I’m not denouncing the brewery. The beer I sampled was delicious! I’m just really disappointed that so far the first two of the bombers I bought were bad. I’m hoping thee track record improves with the rest of the baker’s dozen I bought. And yes, I wrote them to advise them of the situation.

Back links fixed

February 9, 2009

Hey everyone. Just a note to say I fixed the problem with the back links. I’d ported these posts over from another blog and didn’t think to revisit the links to my previous posts! Thanks for pointing out the problem Jeff!