Maple Honey Porter

A couple of weeks ago I bottled the Maple Honey Porter I brewed back in late January. This one’s going to need some time to mellow.


  • OG: 1.073
  • FG: 1.016
  • ABV: 7.4%

I used my BrewPal iPhone app exclusively in logging this brew. This gave me far more info than I could have hoped for. Some additional factoids about this beer:

  • Color is 36.8 degrees Lovibond
  • there are 236 calories in every 12 oz bottle (yikes!)
  • 48 IBUs
  • 85% efficiency

I took a sample last week after a week in the bottle and it was terribly young. Flavors were all over the place and while tasty it was just too young to note anything specific. I took another sample tonight and the flavors and aromas are starting to work together a bit more. The nose is still tacky-sweet with maple syrup notes though there are some nice caramel notes starting to come through. I’m also getting a touch of honey still, mainly in the form of a faint flowery sharpness.

The body of this beer is thinner than you’d expect from the aroma, but what you would expect from the gravity. The thinness lends a bit to a boozy element to the beer, but there is also a nice faint trace of maple there to bring a little bit of “hefty” flavor back to the beer. Nice toasty flavors coming through, with a dry hoppy finish.

I’m going to let this one sit for a few more weeks before trying again, but it has potential.


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