Yep, it’s beer.

Bottled my “nothing fancy” beer this past Monday. The beer was a deep golden color and had just enough hop character from the Fuggles to be interesting. Intended as a simple session ale, it will instead be a quite tasty and mildly interesting session ale. 😉

Still forgot to buy more priming sugar, so used table sugar instead. Bumped the quantity back to 1/2 cup for the 5 gallon batch since the 3/4 cup was a bit much for the honey amber. That beer is becoming a bit too crisply carbonated. You experiment and you learn; it’s the name of the homebrewing game.

Final gravity was 1.015 – a wee bit heavier than what I was aiming for, but the yeast was indeed done – yielding a final ABV of about 4.4%, which should do nicely for the session variety.


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