Saranac High Peaks Imperial IPA

Imperial IPA
Saranac High Peaks Series
The Matt Brewing Company

8.5% ABV

Poured froma 12 oz bottle into a Sam Adams glass (hey, it was in reach). Poured clean with a nice deep golden straw color with over 2 fingers of crisp head that quickly sunk down. Impressive lacing on the glass, with legs!

Aroma was full of grassy hops and caramel, with some alcohol presence on the nose.

Taste was extremely grassy with very little malt character at all, and extremely boozy. Seems like they let this one ferment a bit too long. If they used a bit more malts and stopped fermentation to yield the same 8.5%, this would be a far better beer. This beer is way too boozy for 8.5%. Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute tastes and smells less boozy, and that weighs in at 20%!

Mouthfeel is thin, dry, and bubbly. As a result, drinkability was not good. I had to switch off with water every so often, and looked for something to munch on to break the boozy grassy flavor from layering too thickly on my tongue.

Overall, this beer looks fantastic but just doesn’t live up to the quality expected in a IIPA; other breweries have set the bar fairly high with strong but balanced IIPAs. This one is just way too boozy and grassy to be enjoyable.

Grade: C-


One Response to Saranac High Peaks Imperial IPA

  1. Ryan Miller says:

    Thanks for the review of Saranac’s IIPA, though I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it. I’m part of the agency who represents Saranac and we’re always looking for feedback on the different brews.

    I’ll certainly pass along your comments to the brewmaster. Have you tried or reviewed any other Saranac brews?

    We’re getting ready to launch another seasonal pack in August so hopefully you’ll check that out as well. By the way, if there’s any additional info that might be useful in your reviews of Saranac beers, drop a line and I’ll do my best to provide it.


    rmiller [at]

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