Bottling the Imperial Honey Amber

About a month ago I brewed my imperial honey amber, and bottled it this past Wednesday (a month to the very day, how ’bout them apples!). The short impression: Jeeeebus!!!!

Upon opening the fermenter, the boozy honey smell even overpowered the carbon dioxide! A beautiful amber color, this beer siphoned clean into the bottling bucket. Gravity reading came in at 1.014 down from 1.086, yielding a whopping 9.6% ABV!

I stole a taste before adding priming sugar. Wow! Just, wow! This truly is closer to wine than beer. Even the 11.1% Imperial IPA I brewed a long while back wasn’t this wine-like! Must have been the 5 pounds of clover honey. Man, it was just sweet enough to play well with the alcohol. Very floral, very delicious! I can’t wait to see how this one matures!

Note to self: Hide a 6-pack somewhere you won’t think to look for at least a year.


3 Responses to Bottling the Imperial Honey Amber

  1. Char says:

    You can hide that 6-pack at my house 😉

  2. techcommdood says:

    The point is to have the six pack last a year… 😉

  3. darknova306 says:

    I’ve successfully aged 1/2 a case of 2006 Brooklyn Black Chocolate in my basement, so my place would be safe… 🙂

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