LongShot Double IPA

Double IPA by homebrewer Mike McDole
Samuel Adams, LongShot collection

Great story behind this one, too.

Pours a deep golden, almost pumpkin color with a solid finger of frothy white head. This one just looks thick and sweet!

Lots of hoppy goodness and maltiness coming through. Hints of caramel and burnt sugars as well as a few mild citrus notes peaking through.

Ahh, this is what a Double IPA should taste like. Nice volume of sweet malt mixed with a complex delivery of spicy and floral hop oils. Very hoppy yet sweet enough to balance the beer right out. Very well done!

Thick and sticky, warming, yet oddly refreshing.

Well, again, don’t listen to me because I’m a “big beer” lover, but I found this one to be extremely easy to enjoy. Thick but smooth, and though the hops are omnipresent they’re not overpowering.

I’ve extremely pleased with this one. Sam should compensate Mr. McDole well for this one and produce it as-is either as a seasonal or a regular limited edition. A fine example of the style. A solid A.


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