Guinness 250 Anniversary

Guinness 250 Anniversary Stout
Guinness Ltd.

Poured very dark with a nice thick 2-3 inches of light tan head. Crimson highlights can be seen when held up to the light. Good head retention and nice lacing on the glass.

Chocolate malts with some milky chocolate tones. Mild sugary sweetness and a pinch of raisin-like tartness. Malty and smooth.

More roasted grains with chocolate notes. A bit of a bitter kick to it towards the back of the mouth. A little bit of bitter citrus zest coming through, and as much as I can’t believe it from a Guinness, some alcohol notes as well.

Definitely not as milky as traditional Guinness, though smooth. Crisp carbonation on the tongue and a bit thin.

This beer is not too thick or thin, not too strong in flavor nor too weak. Highly drinkable. I’m nearly done with mine, while typing this up… about 5 minutes.

I’m bummed that this was a single run. I like it much better than Extra Stout, and it’s much more flavorful than Guinness Draught. Fairly high marks from me! A-


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