Monday’s Brew: Honey Amber

A quick post to capture the brewing…

6.6 lbs amber LME
5 lbs clover honey
3 oz Hallertauer hops
1 packet dry ale yeast

Boiled about 3 gallons of water, added LME and honey, and wait-wait-waited for that dense mess of goop to return to boil. It took about 20 mintues or so for it to go from a mass of hot steaming goop to a sudden exposion of boiling. There was no middle ground, which was odd… no indication that it was about to boil. Bus FOOM!!! Anyway, I’d added 2 oz Hallertauer along the way to help prevent boil-over. Once it broke boil I boiled for 35 minutes, then added the last 1 oz of Hallertauer for 35 minutes. Removed from heat, transferred to fermenting bucket, added cold filtered water to 5 US gallons. Chilled to 70 degrees, took a gravity reading: 1.086, which was less than I’d expected (was hoping for low 1.09s). Aerated, pitched yeast, and closed the fermenter.

Got a note from Angelos this morning. His is bubbling away again and mine’s not. I’m not sure what is going on, but for about the last year this has been the case. We both go through the same motions, and gravity seems to have nothing to do with it. His beer takes off overnight, and mine slowly pokes along. Ah well.


One Response to Monday’s Brew: Honey Amber

  1. KC says:

    Similar recipe to my Sunday batch.
    1lb Crystal 40, 5lbs amber LME, 5 lbs honey. I added honey halfway through boil at 30min.
    Amarillo bittering for 60 & homegrown bullion at 30 and 10.
    OG 1.080 – 5.75 gals
    Liquid yeast, just barely bubbling last night. Picking up steam today.

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