Frustration over funky bombers

I went to Cooper’s Cave Ale Company a couple of weeks ago and was quite pleased with their beer at the brewery tasting. So impressed, in fact, that I picked up a baker’s dozen of their bombers (one of each).

I’ve popped two so far (the ungodly delicious doppelbock and a Sagamore stout), and both have smelled and tasted of wet, moldy cardboard. Undrinkable.

I don’t think this has anything to do with the brewery, but I’m wondering what could have happened. They went from their refrigerated storeroom, to my trunk for a couple hours (it was in the mid-60s that day and the bottles were still quite cool when I got home), to my basement.

Obviously some oxidization occurred, but how? I’m now dreading opening the other 11 bottles. I’m not so much bummed about the cost as I am the loss of what had potential to be a very enjoyable set of craft brewed bombers.


If it wasn’t clear, I’m not denouncing the brewery. The beer I sampled was delicious! I’m just really disappointed that so far the first two of the bombers I bought were bad. I’m hoping thee track record improves with the rest of the baker’s dozen I bought. And yes, I wrote them to advise them of the situation.


3 Responses to Frustration over funky bombers

  1. Gile says:

    I would take a cooler with me and not take the bumpy way home. Are you letting them sit for a couple of dayd in the fridge (crash cooling) before you drink them?

  2. Tab says:

    Could the taste also be described as dirty socks? Sitting on too much yeast for too long before they were bottled maybe.

  3. techcommdood says:

    The taste and smell is undeniably moldy cardboard. Oxidization. The IPA I tried later didn’t even hiss when opened.

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