Blackberry Ale Homebrew "Carbonation Check"

I Should know by now that my batches will be fine, but I still can’t ignore an opportunity to try a young bottle a week or so after bottling it.

I’m trying the blackberry ale I bottled last Monday. Carbonation? Yep. Well, can’t let it go to waste!

It’s still too young to take any real tasting notes, but it’s a nice golden color (still hazy) and has a great blackberry nose to it. There’s still some priming sugar left to be eaten by the yeasties, but I’m getting some nice 2-row malt coming through in the nose as well.

This is a lighter-bodied beer, and the hops are predominantly bittering and ring through nicely. Some nice subdued blackberry in the flavor as well (I used a little less than 2 oz of blackberry extract for my entire 2-case yield).

This will be a good session ale, especially with the warmer weather coming back.


One Response to Blackberry Ale Homebrew "Carbonation Check"

  1. darknova306 says:

    Pfft, you don’t need justification to taste test your homebrew. Dave and I were always trying to keep ourselves from grabbing too many samples too early. Sounds like an interesting beer.Have you figured out what you’re brewing next? Any luck with that sorghum recipe? If not, go Belgian, dude! Get a nice blonde or tripel going.

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