Bud Points Conversion to Calories

I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. Maybe I’ve been too busy drinking beer? Nah, couldn’t be…

A while back I posted about Bud Points for tracking consumption of alcohol – in a knowing when to say when way, or in a dear God what the hell did I do to myself last night kind of way.

Well, BeerCritic has gone one step further with the system. Taking the Bud Point model, he incorporated caloric information that helps you not only measure the amount of beer you’re consuming, but the calories that go along with it.

Excellent news to all you craft brew lovers looking to shed a few pounds before summer! Now you know when to cut out a meal to make room for another brew!


Check out BeerCritic’s blog here.


One Response to Bud Points Conversion to Calories

  1. lemasney says:

    It’s an amazing time we live in for collaboration, learning, query, response, and sharing. Let’s continue to do all of it together, and cheers for the linkback. 😉

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