River Horse Brewing Company’s Tripel Horse

Tripel Horse Belgian-style tripel
10% ABV

Pours with minimal head. Light golden color with a ton of trub in suspension. Looks like a snow globe, only the particles are not falling out of suspension. Not an appetizing looking beer.

Strong citrus (lemon) and caramel notes with minor presence of Belgian spices.

Extremely malty with strong honey flavors coming through. Very sweet, almost like candy.

Somewhat thick though clean-feeling despite the suspended particles in there.

Somewhat thicker than the style (tripel) would suggest, though the sweetness does make it somewhat easy to drink. No dry feeling at all.

I’d give this one another go, though I wouldn’t place it at the top of my preferences. It’s not the most beautiful-looking beer, though interesting to look at. Perhaps a mystic could use it to read fortunes in the suspended matter.


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