Clipper City Brewery’s Holy Sheet

Heavy Seas: Holy Sheet “Über Abbey Ale”
9% ABV

Of note, I’ve been impressed with all of the “Heavy Seas” beers I’ve tried from Clipper City. Definitely check them out!

I had this one on tap about a month ago. The tasting below is from a bottle I had about two weeks ago after trying it on tap and loving it. As good as it is out of the bottle, you absolutely must find this one on tap!

I’d tried to order something else (Ommegang something-or-other) but the bartender – without saying a word – shook his head, made a level-handed “time out” gesture, and poured me this instead. Of course he knows my tastes very well so this, while unexpected, was not surprising. I am extremely happy he poured me this beer, and so were about 5 others who stepped up to try it after my reaction.

OK, enough about the draught experience. Here’s the bottle review:

Poured a clear, clean dark crimson with very little head.

Faint malty sweetness and nuts.

Very sweet and nutty, with an almost hazelnut character to it. Some good lemony citrus coming through as well.

Thick, clean, and wet. Sounds dirty, but there you have it.

Very drinkable. In fact, I drank it faster than I should have. Between the sweetness and lemon notes, and the very wet mouthfeel, this one can go down quick!

Extremely pleased with this one.


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