Atwater Block Brewery’s Voodoo Vator

Voodoo Vator doppelbock
9.5% ABV

Very dark amber/brown though see-through clear. Very little head to speak of.

Not much of anything going on in the nose. Faint traces of malts and hops with a tiny bit of citrus but honestly this was not a “nosy” beer at all.

Very sweet and malty with a light sour taste to it. A lot of roasted grains coming through in the flavor.

This is a very thick-feeling beer. It’s not thick like an old ale, but feels thick and almost milky.

I’m a sucker for a thick beer so this one worked well for me, though others migh find it too thick or syrupy to enjoy.

This one’s about average for me. I was hoping for more up front in the nose but given it’s a doppelbock there’s not going to be too much there compared to a stronger ale. The slight sourness was a pleasant surprised but other than that I was relatively ambivalent about it.


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