A fresh take on ale?

While waiting at my kids’ dance studio this evening, I read through (pretty much cover to cover) my latest issue of BeerAdvocate Magazine (vol. 3 issue 2, for those keeping count). On the back inside cover is an advertisement for Budweiser American Ale. Most of the ad, as expected, was an image but the text caught my eye:

Carefully brewed with caramel-malted barley and Cascade hops for a full-bodied flavor and bright, hoppy finish. Now that’s a fresh take on ale.

It’s the last sentence that caught me. A fresh take on ale? Perhaps it’s a fresh take for Budweiser, but I see nothing fresh (as in new, trendy, bold) about using caramel (or Crystal) malt and Cascade hops; it’s a fairly ordinary recipe for ale.

I’m sure Budweiser’s marketing machine was simply going for a play on words, but the play for the audience of the very magazine they’re advertising in is flawed. At least it is in this beer nut’s opinion.

I haven’t tried American Ale, and to be honest I’m not running out to try it either. It’s not new to me, and doesn’t excite me, mainly because it comes from a macro brewer whose products I’ve learned to avoid. It might be good, or it might not. I’m not going to question its appeal. I’m just questioning its advertising.


2 Responses to A fresh take on ale?

  1. AndyM says:

    If it were anyplace except BeerAdvocate Magazine, I’m sure it would have been effective — as it is likely designed to entice the fizzy-yellow-beer drinkers of the mass marketed world. Too bad they forgot the audience that constitutes BeerAdvocate readership. On the whole, I’m fairly excited to see Bud wade into these waters. If they can open the taste buds of Bud drinkers, maybe more of them will branch out and try real craft ale. Then again, I’m an optimist…

  2. techcommdood says:

    No, you’re definitely on to something there. I moved quickly from fizzy yellow to craft brews in college, right about when Red Wolf came out. I haven’t looked back since.And I do drink the fizzy yellow from time to time. Why? Because there’s no such thing as a bad free beer. 😉

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