Random Brew is a Blackberry Ale, and what next?

Back on, wow, February 5th I brewed a random batch of generic beer. Since then it’s been sitting in the fermenter, racked down once to a secondary. Last night it made its way into bottles.

Original gravity was an average 1.054, and the final reading was 1.012, putting this beer at about 5.7% ABV. Average through and through.

I decided to use the remaining 2 oz. of my blackberry extract as I racked into the bottling bucket. This gave it just enough blackberry flavor and aroma to mask this beer’s averageness.

The beer itself is a rather hazy light tan color. Hops and malts are fairly subdued, and now with the blackberry in it I can’t distinguish any real notes of character. I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before anything is likely to shake out. That won’t stop me from a “test beer” now and then. You know, to check for carbonation, funky flavors, proof of alien life, and the answers to all of my problems.

Of note, we ran out of priming sugar, so we had to supplement the 1/4 cup of corn sugar with a 1/4 cup of table sugar. I’m hoping this will be ok. Angelos and I both Googled for an answer and came up somewhat mixed but leaning toward “it’ll be fine”.

I’m soliciting ideas for what to brew next. If I can get all the ingredients for a sorghum beer I’ll likely try that, though I’d like some backup plans. Ideas?


2 Responses to Random Brew is a Blackberry Ale, and what next?

  1. darknova306 says:

    Hm, sounds interesting. I wouldn’t knock it’s average gravity or ABV, there’s nothing wrong with average. And I wouldn’t worry about the table sugar; there’s so little sugar in there compared to the size of the batch that I don’t see it adding anything noticeable.I’m in the process of deciding what I want to brew this upcoming weekend, so I’ll think about what to suggest to you as well.

  2. darknova306 says:

    So I’m thinking that we don’t really brew that many Belgians between us, but we like them. I’m either going to brew a dubbel or a Belgian pale ale this weekend. If you can’t get all the ingredients for the sorghum beer, make some sort of Belgian ale.I’ve got a bottle of that dark candi syrup, which is supposedly a lot more accurate for the flavor profile of a dubbel than the rock candy you get at the homebrew store, so I’ve been meaning to use it for a long time. That’ll probably be what I make this weekend, but it’s getting closer to the warmer weather, so maybe something lighter might be called for. Sigh, so many decisions.

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