Tröegs Nugget Nectar

As I sit here and dread typing up all of the tasting notes I’ve accumulated over the past couple of weeks, I thought I’d pop a Tröegs Nugget Nectar, and since I’m a lazy bastard, I’m going to review it and not type up my other tasting notes. Nyah nyah! 😉

Pour is clean and fast with a foamy-spongy head of about 1.5 fingers that quickly tapers down to an ever-present ring.

This beer is crystal clear with a funky copperish-orange color. Noticeable carbonation in the glass feeds a very light film of sustained foam atop the beer, which collects at the glass forming a slightly thicker ring of foam. Very heavy lacing going on here. This beer likes to cling to the glass.

I’m getting very strong floral hops that are reminiscent of lemongrass and wildflowers. Some mild sugars coming through the nose as well.

Ah, the best part. A full attack of hops to the tongue. Fairly bitter in a lime or lemon zest kind of way. I’m getting some very tart notes as well, and the aftertaste is very bitter and almost like that of watermelon skin (don’t ask how I know what that tastes like, I just do). I’d say it was unpleasant if I wasn’t also getting some mellow sweetness coming through, almost like wildflower honey.

This one has an odd feel to it. It’s a very wet-feeling beer going down, almost as refreshing as water. Then the aftertaste kicks in and dries out your mouth from the back of your tongue forward. There’s a mild carbonation tingle to it, and after resting my taste buds a good couple of minutes after drinking I’m now starting to get a weird “I just ate zinc” feeling in my mouth, like what you’d get from sucking on a ColdEeze.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like this beer! But it’s not going to be for everyone. Had it not been for that odd bitter watermelon rind finish, I’d say this would be a staple session beer for me.


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