Flying Dog’s Double Dog – Double Pale Ale

Double Dog

Nice copper color, pours with a solid 2 fingers of foam that slowly breaks down over time.

Rich sugary malts, caramel, citrus, floral hops, toasted grains.

More caramel, toasted malts, one heck of a hop wallop, some slicht citrus and florals, and slight alcohol.

Thick but smooth, not too dry, a tiny bit of alcohol burn but quickly covered by the resident sugars.

Quite good for such a strong, thick ale. Hops are strong but not overpowering, and the dense sugars really clean up nicely. I actually enjoyed this one faster than I should have, or was expecting!

Flying Dog has a real winner here for the strong beer aficionados. It has all the characteristics you would expect of a strong ale without too much sweetness or too much burn. The beer is heavy, but not so much as to resemble light syrup. I’m sold, and will seek this one out again!


2 Responses to Flying Dog’s Double Dog – Double Pale Ale

  1. Dave says:

    You forgot to give me my due credit for randomly picking this off the shelf!And, you know, the supposed candy cane flavor. :p

  2. Bo Carlson says:

    Best everyday drinker. I always have at least a four pack on hand in the fridge.

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