Random Brew #749.7326

I brewed a basic batch of ale on Monday night, right after bottling my ESB. Nothing special about this batch – just a cheap, quick ale. I may add blackberry extract to it either in secondary fermentation or prior to bottling for a little added flavor.

  • 6 lbs Munton’s extra light dry malt extract
  • 1 oz Nugget hops (13.0% alpha)
  • 1 oz Liberty hops (4.1% alpha)
  • 1 packet Safale S-04 dry American ale yeast

I started the boil first with the Nugget hops alone to get the oils into the water before adding the dry malt, mainly to prevent boil-over. I’ve found that this truly does help.

Started the timer at 60 minutes once the 6 lbs of malt extract were added. At the 20 minute remaining mark I added the Liberty hops. Boiled through to the 60 minute mark, removed from heat, and forgot to take the hop bags out! Oops. So the hot wort sat with the bags in the pot for another 20 minutes while I finished bottling my ESB. Ah well, this should be interesting.

Chilled down to 69 degrees, aerated it like crazy, and pitched the yeast dry, aerating again before sealing.

Original gravity was an average 1.054, so this won’t be a strong one. I think I’ll be lucky to break 5%, unless the yeasties are rather hungry. Still, this should yield a decent session beer at a very reasonable price.


One Response to Random Brew #749.7326

  1. darknova306 says:

    “Still, this should yield a decent session beer at a very reasonable price.”

    Exactly, not every beer needs to be well over 1.060 OG and be able to floor you. I actually enjoy the challenge of making a session beer with lots of flavor and lower than standard alcohol (<5%) content.

    This recipe sounds like a good basic American Pale, I guess. Never used Nugget hops before. Given the lack of a complex malt bill, the blackberry flavor should come through fairly well. I endorse this! :p

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