Beer Review: Flying Dog Kerberos Tripel

Kerberos Tripel, Flying Dog Brewery

Thick and a bit sluggish, not like a syrup but there wasn’t much going on; no foaming or visible carbonation release.

Very little head which disappeared very quickly, even when aggressively poured. No lacing to speak of. Golor is a hazy golden straw.

Citrus and apricots dominate the nose, with a faint whiff of alcohol. No identifiable hops or malts on the nose.

Woah! Citrus and apricots attack but quickly step aside to some rather high alpha hoppiness. Mild caramel and candy sugar notes with a moderate alcoholic burn picking up the rear.

Mouth feel:
Somewhat thicker feel, though very “wet” initially. Quickly dries out as alcohol makes its presence known. A bit of carbonation nipping on the tongue.

Not a bad tripel overall, especially from a non-Trappist/Belgian brewery. This one is a bit thin on overall flavor, and does little to mask the alcohol. More malts and aroma hopping is needed to really cut through that burn.

I’m enjoying it, but given the choice between this tripel style and an authentic tripel, I’ll take the authentic.


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