A day of fine beer and good times

Saturday was a day of great beer and good times. A bunch of friends and I met at the Albany Pump Station for lunch. I had an amazingly tender reuben with a Kick-Ass Brown followed by a Winter Warmer. The Brown, a repeat award winner, was amazing. The Winter was actually lacking, I thought. It was cloudy and seemed a bit unbalanced.

Next stop was Mahar’s, where we talked for hours while slowly enjoying a few pints. I had a hand-drawn mug of a casked Arcadia’s HopMouth, a hand-drawn mug of a casked Blue Point Winter Ale, and a draught mug of Arcadia’s Coco Loco. All were fantastic.

A Dave, Jeff, Angelos and I then met up at my house for another round of Rock Band for the night. We had collected an absolutely silly amount of beer for the night, and thankfully left half of it untouched. Still, we put away quite a bit. Jeff brought some growlers of his homebrewed ESB that was absolutely fantastic. My friend Asher gave me some bottles of Troegs Scratch #16 that was very good. We also enjoyed some of Brown Brewing Co.‘s Rauchbier, which was smokey yet very well balanced. Others enjoyed were Dogfish Head’s Palo Santo Marron, Wachusett Black Shack Porter, Weyerbacher Blithhering Idiot, Westmalle Dubbel, and Allagash White. Bud Point total: 40.88.

Rock Band itself was amusing, as always. With four of us, we swapped off “singing”. We all had a turn at destroying our vocal chords and our friends’ ears. I had a blast screaming the opening line to Jane’s Addiction’s “The Mountain Song”… “Coming down the mountain!!!!!!!!!!!!” Iron Maiden still kills me on guitar. I can’t get through the opening on Hard without failing… 15 seconds in. Lots of hammer-ons that I just can’t get the timing right on.

A great day yesterday, and a lazy day today.


4 Responses to A day of fine beer and good times

  1. Dave says:

    Somehow you forgot to mention how Blithering Idiot is the DEVIL!

  2. darknova306 says:

    “and thankfully left half of it untouched”

    No kidding. If we had consumed any more than what we did, I’d STILL be feeling it. Still have no idea why I was hit so hard by the beer I had, I’ve had way more before and been fine the next morning.

    Man, what a good weekend.

  3. Dave says:

    HAHAHA, Jeff was nearly dead for half of Sunday, and yet “man, what a good weekend.” :p

  4. darknova306 says:

    Hey now, I was merely… ‘withdrawn from reality’ for a bit. Yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

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