Wayerbacher Slam Dunkel

Decided to try Wayerbacher’s Slam Dunkel, a Double Dunkelweizen Ale. For a double, this wasn’t overly potent (7% ABV). Served from a 22 oz bottle. BP: 2.57

Dark brown, murky. 1 finger sudsy almond head. Moderate lacing.

Mild banana, moderate lemon, sugary like rock candy or marshmallow, mild nutty notes as well.

Very malty, citrus zest, almost a date flavor in there, nice mild hoppiness, raisin.

Feels thicker than it is. Moderately carbonated, very small bubbles on the tongue. Almost chewy or mushy post-sip feel, like eating a banana would give you. Mild tack on the tongue/roof of mouth. Alcohol rings through in the aftertaste.

Easily drinkable, though at a slow rate. Not a session beer in my mind, but a couple with good company, absolutely.

Not too bad. I’m a little disappointed with the alcohol taste/feel to it. With as malty as it is, you’d think the alcohol (only 7%) would be masked well. A bit swampy for my taste as well. I like me a thick beer, but this one left my mouth feeling a bit too tacky and mushy than a liquid should.

Serving type: bottle

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