Trappist Tasting a Success on Twitter

The Twitter Taste Live beer tasting I blogged about previously was a success. People from all over gathered together to drink good beer and blog their tasting notes. Rather than rehash what I wrote previously or get into tasting notes, I’ll comment on the event itself.

The forum was open, rather than led. We had a rough schedule that kept us on course, and for the most part we followed it well. It was interesting to hear of some people unable to find certain beers in their location. I had no problems myself, then again this area has a healthy craft beer market and distribution.

There was a good mix of tasters online, from the casual drinkers to the beer geeks. Everyone seemed to have a blast. Many side conversations were had and many a new friend was made.

If you enjoy trying quality beer and have the time to spare, check out one of the future beer tastings. You can learn more here.


2 Responses to Trappist Tasting a Success on Twitter

  1. darknova306 says:

    That was a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to future tastings. That Dogfish Head tasting sounds like it’ll be interesting.

  2. techcommdood says:

    It definitely was a lot of fun. I was surprised by the number of non-City New Yorkers that were on. Given the total number of people, it was a good %. The Dogfish Head tasting should be great!

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