Another tasty surprise

I recently found a small stash of Imperial IPA (11.1% ABV) that I made a couple of years ago. I’ve had a few over the past couple of nights. Man, this is tasty! I wish I’d saved the whole batch for two years!

It’s still a mild amber in color with a slight haze to it. Pour is clean – all sediment is firmly caked to the bottom of the bottle. The head is like a thick meringue; it seemingly won’t break down. Very creamy on the tongue.

Nose is slightly hoppy with more florals and berries coming through than any hoppy oils. Also, a mild sweetness on the nose of honey.

More of the same on the tongue, but with a stronger hop presence. Attack is sweet and flowery like fresh, unpasteurized wildflower honey, and quickly gives to a smooth bitterness. Lots going on in here, from the honey and flowers to a slight mix of berry, cherry, and a bit of woodiness. Not too dry, not too sweet. Pure yum!


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