November’s Brew: Amber Ale

Wow, I’m slacking on the blogs. This one will have the brew, bottling, and initial tasting notes all wrapped into one.

On November 3rd I brewed a rather simple but stronger amber ale.

List of ingredients:

  • 9 lbs Munton’s amber dry malt extract
  • 3 oz Cascade hops
  • 1 packet Safale dry ale yeast S-04

Brewing notes:

Brought about 3.5 gallons water to a boil, added all 9 lbs of dry malt and quickly added 2 oz hops to prevent a boil-over. Boiled 30 minutes, then added last 1 oz hops for the remaining 30 mintues. No finishing hops. Then transferred to fermenting bucket, topped off with cold, filtered water to 5 gallons, chilled to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, pitched yeast, and sealed with airlock. Initial
gravity at 70 degrees was 1.080.

Bottling notes:

Bottled on November 24th with a rack-down to a secondary fermenter about a week into it thanks to Angelos. Color was a nice deep amber and very clean. Nearly no sediment in the bottom of the secondary fermenter. Used 6 or so rather large bottles (4 22-oz bottles and 2 750ml bottles) and then finished up with standard 12-oz bottles. Tasting on the pre-bottled beer found this to be a potent, clean-tasting beer. Nothing special, but tasty. what you would expect of an amber, but with a fairly strong alcohol presence. Final gravity at 70 degrees was 1.021, a bit higher than I’d like, but acceptable. The beer certainly tasted drier than you would expect with that much resident sugars. Alcohol yield was 7.9% ABV.

Initial tasting notes:

Tried one tonight, December 5th (well, in the wee hours of the 6th). Very dry with flavors all over the place. This one needs more time to condition and mellow out. Still trace sweetness from the priming sugar, with unbalanced hop bitterness. I’m sure it will mellow out fine, but right now it’s nothing I’d want to share or consume regularly. Alcohol is very present.


2 Responses to November’s Brew: Amber Ale

  1. darknova306 says:

    You used some 750mL bottles? Were you corking them or were they cap-able?

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