A tasty surprise

After doing a bit of yard work today I thought I’d take a break and enjoy a cold homebrew. I had moved some of my dwindling reserve from the basement up to the fridge, and thought I grabbed one of the pumpkin ales that I brewed last fall. I was wrong. It was a porter that I brewed either back in late 2006 or in January 2007.

I was a bit apprehensive about trying it since it was older, the porter wasn’t a terribly strong beer (upper 6% if I remember correctly), and it was in a type of bottle I’ve since stopped using for bottling due to a fairly consistent loose seal on the cap. But thankfully it was a good bottle!

The porter poured dark and a bit thinner than I remember, with a dark tan head that quickly fell to a shallow milky lacing around the walls of the glass. No visible carbonation trails.

The smell is slightly sour with a subtle mix of coffee, chocolate, and oak. There’s also a faint hint of banana.

Carbonation is sharp on the tongue. Mouth feel is a bit thin and watery. Sharp attack of hops, roasted grain, a bit of unidentifiable sourness but nothing intense, and coffee. Lingering taste of coffee and licorice, with a bit of oak and – ah, there’s the sourness – young plum.

I’m not sure how much longer this one would have lasted, and I’m glad I came across it. Not quite the thirst quencher I was looking for, but then again neither was the pumpkin I thought it was. I think it’s about time I brewed another porter or stout.


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