Beer Review: Middle Ages Twelfth Anniversary Ale

Middle Ages Twelfth Anniversary Ale
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Style: imperial porter
ABV: 9%
Serving Notes: hand drawn from a cellared cask into a glass mug

Appearance: Very dark brown, barely translucent, and a touch of haze. Nice thick foamy head with heavy lacing on the glass. No visible carbon dioxide trails.

Aroma: sweet, malty, and strong notes of roasted grains (chocolate malt, mostly). Hints of caramel and hardwood. Very little hop nose to speak of.

Tasting Notes: Very smooth, subtle alcohol presence with mild warming character. Almost faint hop presence, just bitter enough to let you know some were used, but not easily apparent what kind. More chocolate malt on the tongue with a lingering roasted flavor combined with mild malty sweetness. Highly drinkable and enjoyable.


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