A sad day in the world of beer

Michael Jackson (no, not THAT Michael Jackson), the Beer Hunter, is dead at age 65. See AP story here.

This man was by far one of the best beer book authors I’ve read. Knowledgeable, witty, and down to earth, it was like reading something your buddy would write (only without the typos).

Beer Hunter, you will be missed.


2 Responses to A sad day in the world of beer

  1. Docutopian says:

    Oh NO!!!

    Well, I hope he is privvy to some fine brews where is is now. God rest his hoppy soul.

    Back in the day, my husband and I were active in homebrew circles (competitions, pubcrawls, beer and chocolate tastings, and generally any beery fun . . . ) Jackson was the best known and respected beer educator of our generation.

    I wonder what got him? (Crossing fingers and hoping it wasn’t the the brew that did him in.)

  2. techcommdood says:

    I’m hoping the same. Aside from the travel he did, I’m following in his footsteps with regard to sampling!

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